At Sinuta, the processes and the latest technologies used ensure an efficient production process as well as the reduction of the energy consumed and the sustainable management of waste.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we monitor pollutants: our facilities have a wastewater treatment plant where pollutants are filtered.

Sinuta’s lighting is based on low energy consumption LEDs. The lamps outside the building are 100% autonomous and work with solar photovoltaic energy. The logo located on the facade of the building is illuminated at night and is fully autonomous as it is made of photovoltaic solar panels and LEDs.

The 3 KW photovoltaic installation provides the necessary electricity for Sinuta’s servers.


To reduce the need for natural gas, we have a solar thermal system that provides hot water in the showers, implemented by Sinuta4Sun, a company of the Sinuta Group. On a daily basis, the Thermal Solar System implemented at Sinuta’s premises supplies about 240 KWh used in the process of heating the industrial water.

With an intake of about 430 TEPS / year, Sinuta voluntarily wants to join the group of intensive energy consumers and undergo an energy audit in addition to implementing the subsequent action plan to reduce energy consumption and the respective emissions. 

Sinuta invests in research and development projects aimed at harnessing solar energy, with the goal of minimising the electricity consumption needs of some devices that are currently in use.