For 10th consecutive year, Sinuta attended Anga Com 2014

June 6, 2014

During the days 20, 21 and 22 of May, Sinuta presented the current main models, joining the range of new models developed internally, causing great curiosity and acceptance in the fair visitors.

Over the three days of exposure, Sinuta was visited by representatives of more than 90 companies, especially from Europe, but also Africa, South America and Middle East. 

The acknowledgment of Sinuta as a reference of quality and market competitiveness of Satellite Dish and Accessories is a  result of the positive feedback shown by most visitors of the fair.

Sinuta under Growth and Expansion

April 2, 2014

Sinuta is increasing its industrial building following the growth in different worldwide markets. This new project with 1000 square metres, hold by 4IMOB, SA (company responsible for the real estate of the Group) will allow the introduction of new productive processes, the increasing of productive capacity and the improvement on the construction and maintenance of production tools.

The works started in March and are expected to be finished on the end of June of the present year. We would also want to refer that since March, 4SAT, Lda and Sinuta4Sun, Lda, two companies of Sinuta Group, are working on Sinuta new facilities also located in Eco Parque Empresarial de Estarreja.

These investments of Sinuta Group shall allow to acquire best production index and better costumer services and will guarantee a sustained growth and profitability.

Anga Com 2013 - New Products, New Business Opportunities

June 7, 2013

Sinuta would like to thank the presence of all visitors in this 9th year of participation, resulting in a complete success. This exhibition was the perfect spot to present all Sinuta’ s potential.

The launching of new products, including in new type of business, represents Sinuta’ s innovation capability:

Product 1 - 85 SUPER

We presented 85 SUPER antenna, a product designed to the professional market, prepared to installations until 4 satellites, with pre-assembled back structure, highly stable and with no more than 5 minutes of installation.

Product 2 – Compact DVB-T Antenna

Compact DVB-T Antenna, is a log-periodic antenna designed to be used on DVB-T frequencies in Europe. With a total size of 40cm it is possible to install it in small places, where it is not possible to place a traditional terrestrial antenna.

Product 3 – 140 Offset Antenna

An antenna with 1400x1500mm, the 140 Offset allows the using of common offset LNBs and, by its conception in 5pieces, the transport it is possible in a traditional euro-pallet.

Product 4 - WIMAX 5GHz

Conceived to the communication radio/internet in a range of 5,1 to 5,8GHz, this antenna has its purpose focused in point to point connections, up to a distance of 70km with a reflector of 65m.

During these 3days we were visited by more than 130companies, from 19 different countries, being 50 new contacts with whom we soon expect to start a business cooperation.

Anga 2011 - Antenna Passion

May 16, 2011

Sinuta's seventh participation in Anga Cable Exhibition convinced everyone on its notorious professionalism and leadership and demonstrated its strong global presence.

This year we presented several new products: a 70cm satellite dish made for DVB-S2 signal, a new 65cm hazel mount and a 1 meter multi-focus dish that receives up to five satellites.

Besides these attractions, our brand new interactive catalogue also allowed visitors to meet an application where it is possible to combine different size dishes, materials, models, colours and compatible hazel mounts. This way everyone was able to “make their own antenna” guided by the specific demands of each market.

Irreverent and innovative, Sinuta’s modern and appealing booth design, caused great impact and interest on visitors and other exhibitors.

Anga 2010 – Difference, Excellence, Leadership

August 10, 2010

Sinuta made a statement at Anga 2010! 

Our futuristic booth made visitors’ heads spin!

Driven towards excellence, our three-word-motto for Anga Cable 2010 has unveiled more of Sinuta’s world and our commitment towards a superior quality product and an irreprehensible customer service.

Walking On The Sunshine

July 7, 2010

After the renovation of our main building, it was time for Sinuta to make its new logo visible to the surrounding community. 

The project has been thought in the light of environmental concerns, as all in Sinuta is.

Thus we have come up with a new logo totally powered by photovoltaic energy and it uses LED light technology.

Sinuta stands out once more as an environmental friendly organisation, looking into the future whilst embracing renewable energies.

Donation Ceremony

February 1, 2010

On the 14th January 2010, a Donation Ceremony has been held at Sinuta. In this event, two “big” cheques with an unusual design were handed over to two institutions from Estarreja as a symbol of solidarity, needed most in the present times. Every year Sinuta is committed to the Social Responsibility which has been cultivated over the years. Our company wishes to actively contribute to the development and improvement of local social and sports organisations.

During the Holiday Season of 2009, Sinuta has financially supported the institution “Associação Humanitária de Salreu”, which provides for children, youth, elder and chronic patients. The institution’s premises include a Day Care Centre, Nursing Home and Crèche. Along with its own donation, Sinuta has invited all Suppliers and Friends to support this initiative. The outcome has been utterly positive.

This project has followed the success of previous engagements in supporting local institutions, such as:        

- “Associação Quinta do Rezende”, in Pardilhó - Estarreja, in 2007 and 2008;

- “Associação Cultural e Recreativa Saavedra Guedes”, in Pardilhó;

- “CERCIESTA”, School of Special Education; - “Associação do Carnaval de Estarreja”;

- “Clube Desportivo de Estarreja”;

- Sinuta is also Official Sponsor of the local Annual Athletics Award, organised by “Centro Recreativo”.

Besides the support during the Holiday Season, Sinuta has participated in a joint solidarity cause: we have contributed to a Fund Raising Campaign for the acquisition of a new and safe transport vehicle, providing nine additional seats to the Cerciesta students. 

The vehicle has been adapted to special needs, allows the transport of four wheelchairs and includes an electrical device for wheelchair elevation.

During the Donation Ceremony, handmade gifts were presented to Sinuta’s Administration by the Cerciesta students. Sinuta would like to thank all those who have been part of the above mentioned initiatives, by granting their time and donations. They are a part of the success.

Nevertheless, Sinuta will continue supporting the local community in this new year and many to come.

Anga Cable Fair 2009

July 13, 2010

As a major event in our calendar, Sinuta team has once again travelled to Anga Cable Fair 2009 in Cologne, Germany, from the 26th to the 28th May. 

Disclosing the winds of change in which Sinuta has centered its work since the beginning of 2009, our clients, partners and friends were surprised by a completely innovative booth space.